What I do

I practice marketing communication and branding with a holistic approach; these, for me, are ancient arts and, at the exact time, sciences that are more current than ever.

As a teacher and a business consultant, I outline consultancy, coaching, and learning paths, preferring engaging and creative strategies ranging from maieutics to multimedia, focusing on the concreteness of results.

The first objective of my work is to identify and define distinctive and unique values and talents of each brand and each person (personal branding). It frequently happens that a company, a professional, or a creative applies their talent instinctively without full awareness; this is an assimilated know-how of which they are not fully aware and struggle to transform into a strategic lever.

But it is from awareness – from the clarity of values – which strategy builds upon, an adequate communication project, an ethical approach, respectful of the values of the brand and the community in which it is rooted.

This awareness is the quality evolution of civilization, and branding today means to create culture.

For you

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