In my dual role as teacher and business consultant, I collaborate with various companies in Italy and abroad.

In my teaching activity, I collaborate with Istituto Marangoni Milano – School of Design (here my interview on their youtube channel).

 In the role of teacher or tutor, as we like to call ourselves, I design Research & Development plans together with my students for clients such as Samsung, Fornasetti, Ferrari, and others. I convert stimuli and visions of the team into projects, transforming them into opportunities for company innovation, growth, and job opportunities.

I collaborate with various colleagues and national and international universities on projects related to marketing and communication sciences. All of my teaching activities focus on inclusive and collaborative models that privilege the experiential dimension of learning. I believe that the empathic relationship is an unrivaled motivational engine.

In my profession as a consultant, I work with small and medium-sized businesses (SME) and, due to my territory characteristics, also with artisans who have wise hands and a generous hearts; I am glad to collaborate with all those who have an idea or a dream and do not want to keep it locked in a drawer.

Due to my training and attitude, I easily empathize with the SME entrepreneurial model, in which personal dynamics often co-exist and merge with business ones.

I activate paths focused on a more precise definition of one’s brand identity, on which we build or redesign an adequate strategy and an effective communication plan with the right tone of voice.

I collaborate with