Below I present the cases of some of my clients for whom I am a consultant, and some companies with which I collaborate as a teacher.

I chose not to reveal their names to protect their privacy.

Small and medium-sized businesses,
artisans and professionals

This first selection of cases is related to clients with whom I work as a business consultant.

A artist influencer

For this professional the problem was retracing inspiration. Through a cycle of meetings we took a sensorial ‘journey’ to regain contact with corporeity and perceptive connection with the surrounding world; in a verbal exchange (brainstorming) and through cognitive processes (design thinking) the root of the creative block emerged: she didn’t recognized herself in the contents that she produced and disseminated on her communication channels.

The next step was to reconquer her creative spirit, through an experiential and sensorial journey that involved sight, smell and touch. The path helped her to bring out two new things creative models (archetypes): conscious openness to the social world (the citizen) and irreverent irony without rules who destroys to rebuild (Jolly); from here the regeneration of a new creativity of sign and content. Back in touch with inspiration, the driving force of her activity, she has found a new visual alphabet generated by this change.

A luxury jewelry line

A well-known luxury jewelry and watch brand, directed by a bold and unconventional creative, asked me to take care of the strategic positioning and distribution of its product in Italy and Southern Europe. The plan, taking into account the non-conformist and avantguardist style of the brand, had the aim of reaching a niche of emerging customers who were certainly sensitive to a new concept of beauty, and to a never banal proposal.

The tourism professionals

Faced with countless opportunities for the development of the internal tourism market, the need was to ocus on the area most suited to the person’s professional abilities and desires.

Once the brand value structure was defined, we compared it with the demand of the target market, using various targeting techniques, to define the lines of business development and establish a precise brand identity, identifying with it hypotheses of names and domains, color palettes for the logo and the image of the brand, a draft strategic communication plan, with contents to be defined on the various platforms.

The tailoring artisan 2.0

The atelier founded by a fashion professional has a highly productive artisanal vocation,  integrated into an original business model: offering an online customization service on a series of models. Customers are invited to independently take their measurements for the artisan to craft the products they desire, sending them through the website and including requests of alterations on the existing models. They receive the desired garment, made with sustainable and natural fabrics at affordable prices, product that has a defined craftsman flair.

The business is affected by an imbalance produced by an overlapping between professional and personal identities. We worked on identifying the exclusive values of the brand, and then repositioning it, renaming it, identifying themes on which to leverage for functional storytelling. From here an optimization of the internal organization that involved collaborators, their roles and their methods of interaction, with the objective of making collaboration a positive asset that is sustainable over time. We finally worked to facilitate an initially cumbersome online purchasing process, a problem the professional was not aware of.

A creative director

This person’s professional development was experiencing a moment of stalemate, due to personal difficulty to proactively channel the creative energy. Through a comparison (brainstorming) the creative was guided towards a greater awareness of herself and the value of her talent, arriving at a clear awareness of an important principle: her brand identity is rooted in her own personal creativity and therefore it can be channeled in various directions.

At the end of this phase this professional was able to apply her talent both in the creative direction of his projects and clothing collections, both in teaching and in dissemination of a new fashion idea, but also accepting creative direction of others brands, as well as internationally renowned artistic installations and costume design.

Large companies and multinationals

This second selection of cases is related to companies with which I collaborate as a teacher, coordinating my students in work teams.

Luxury cars
The line extension of a new clothing collection

An exclusive Italian car manufacturer asked us to develop a line extension, i.e a corporate strategy in line with the values and notoriety of the brand for the launch of its new  clothing line.

We proposed the creation of a communication campaign in synergy with an immersive retail space. Both activities had to represent novelty creating a connection with the perceived values of the brand and the lifestyle that has always characterized it.

Artistic design objects
The digital communication campaign

A prestigious design company of objects and accessories for the home, known for its creative and cutting-edge style, entrusted us with the task of designing a ‘high tech’ style communication campaign, i.e. with the use of the latest digital technologies.

The communication strategy had to feature a wide geographical spread and speak to generation Z, the natives digital, with the aim of projecting Italian ‘savoir faire’ into the digital world, that particular artisanal connotation of production combined with the artistic and visionary root of the brand.

The work was successfully developed entirely under the guidance of the brand’s creative director.

Technological products
An immersive event for Milan Design Week

A well-known company, leader in the technological devices market, commissioned us the  development of a communication campaign and an immersive event in occasion of the important  appointment with the world of design and furniture, Milan Design Week.

Communication focus was to humanize the brand and describe its rich ecosystem of products in an effective and engaging way, also bringing the attention of the potential customer towards the constellation of devices and services offered beyond the range of best sellers.