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“There are seas that are difficult to navigate alone. Together we rediscover the ‘North Star’ that will guide the journey, an ancient gesture that still orients us sailing in the darkness of the open sea.”

As a teacher and a business consultant, I outline consultancy, coaching, and learning paths, preferring engaging and creative strategies ranging from maieutics to multimedia.

I focus on the concreteness of the results. Here I tell you more about my professional approach.

Brand Identity

My work on brand identity aims to trace and shine a light on the value that qualifies precious individual activities related to creativity and production, including artisanal know-how, embedded in the most complex entrepreneurial projects.

I develop and guide meetings and coaching for individuals and groups, designed on specific needs and different personalities through a perspective that is conceptual and cultural, commercial and aesthetic. Indeed, throughout the purchasing experience and communication phase, it is founding brand values that ultimately convey the economic and symbolic content of the product. With values, it is then necessary to identify the strengths and weakness of the brand, as well as potential development horizons: these are essential elements to build a decisive and functional narrative in harmony with the customer, genuine heart, and driving force behind every creative project.

Integrated Marketing Communication 

I dedicate myself carefully to short, medium and long term communication plans, well integrated and consistent with company strategies.

The project is structured around the identification of narrative themes, the right tone of voice, functional and optimized channels, based on market insights and positioning. I define the processes and tools for implementing the communication plan together with the indices for measuring the effectiveness of the strategy

Creativity Coaching

I have designed thematic insights in the form of experiential workshops, created to support and stimulate creativity, intended for the owner or creative personnel of the company, or for a small group of employees, or even customers and stakeholders: in this case the objective is branding by involving the community and creating a full brand experience.

I usually work on creativity through the use of artistic, sensorial and cultural stimuli, creative writing relevant to different fields and with a holistic approach. If my client prefers a less emotional and more technical approach, I work on the concrete analysis of existing and futures trends. These engaging training meetings, designed for professionals and for small and medium-sized businesses enterprise, are intended to refocus creative power, whether it is to develop new collections, to extend new product lines, or to deepen the brand identity, activate a new communication style, implement a new symbolism for the website and corporate identity. The workshop, singular or in modules, is also functional for market research through community.

Corporate Training –

I organize activities dedicated to the development and consolidation of the staff’s corporate culture within the company, primary ground on which to grow the values of the brand identity.

The goal is to encourage the growth of a welcoming and healthy workplace, capable of retaining and promoting people, their commitment and their talents. In a company, a healthy internal sharing of brad values has a decisive impact on all branding strategies, on a broader spectrum. The activities can be expressed in the form of workshops, coaching sessions, but also supervision of working groups to promote internal communication and teamwork.

Education and Research

I trace learning paths by vocation. In approaching this activity I never underestimate the value of empathy and the pleasure of being together, always privileging the individual in symmetrical and inclusive teaching model.

I choose stimulating and creative strategies, sometimes outside the box, through which I facilitate looking at strategic marketing communication as a holistic tool, a vibrant arena of experimentation, proposing the practice of communication as an ancient art and a science more current than ever. I develop and teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and business training. I supervise the development and presentation of capstone projects. Moreover I organize research projects and collaborations with companies, applying a symmetric and collaborative format tested in all my academic activities.