State of the Art – Stories for Learning | Shaheera Bhutto | Place branding

Gaia Poli meets Shaheera Bhutto, cross-disciplinary brand and communications strategist dedicated to defining a social and cultural impact within communities and independent brands. Shaheera is a specialist in place branding, also known as civic branding, which works on the level of districts, neighborhoods and cities, and impacts any sized neighborhood, the businesses within, and the overall feel of the areas one lives in. Place branding deals with social responsibility, and ultimately, economic sustainability. After pandemic brands are called to re-engage in new and more meaningful missions, and especially when it comes to small business it is important to lead them where there is fun and value, to find their purpose, help them develop priorities, analyze consumers, address meaningful resonating communication. This talk is infused with ethics and a respectful honouring of the community one lives in and does business in.

Stay in contact with Shaheera and her meaningful work, through her linkedin accont @Shaheera Bhutto, and find the video clicking this link.

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