State of the Art – Stories for Learning | Michaela Larosse for The Fabricant | Digital couture

Gaia Poli meets Michaela Larosse, head of creative strategy and communications at The Fabricant, prominent digital fashion house based in Amsterdam. Looking at fashion as a culture-intensive product mediating between the cultural context and individuals, we discuss how digital fashion is shaping our digital identities, transcending their physical bodies.
Photo courtesy of Tim through Unsplash

Experiences, such as products and identities don’t need to be physical to be real, and this is the philosophy over which The Fabricant develops a new and limitless aesthetics, merging a visionary approach with high technical expertise.

Michaela investigates for us the role of digital couture in an emerging culture connected, but not limited, to gaming, and unfolds the endless individualities we can dress in the virtual reality, as discussed monthly on The Fabricant blog which she curates personally.
Brands such as Puma, Off-White, Adidas have collaborated with The Fabricant to deliver their clients with extraordinary and interactive brand experiences.
To view the video click here. 

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